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Weekendtoyz Time Attack – RX7 Sport Karts – March 2009


Buckmore Karting-May 25th 2009 review!
Tue 9:23pm
What a race! Well yeah it wasn’t that too spectacular…reason?…read on!

We arrived at Buckmore round about 5:15pm (well earlier though)…Looking at the weather, it didn’t look too promising! A big cloud was hovering over the hills…so grey grey grey and lovable…yet touch it and a shock will come!…Anyway moving on from it…Me, Daz, Mark & Gaz waited for the Andi Benny crew which was him along with his dad-Colin who was racing us, guys called Doug & Robert…So we setted off to the sign in form crappy stuff and get into our racesuits! Then we were wondering will we match our best times from our previous races! Of course my best is 52.244…but that was on the dry! I knew it might be on the wet but people were getting 52 secs on the race!

Next was the briefing…mainly heard about a kazillion times but yeah moving to the interesting part..we got into our karts! I was in kart 12, I can’t remember what Kart Andi Benny’s dad was in, Gaz was in 47, Daz in 32, Mark in 38 and Andi Benny in 13! the other guys I can’t remember sorry :D!

Well setted off on the warm up lap and it was boring off course but then we setted off! 1st lap I thought was kooly till I saw the yellow flag! A yellow flag is basically a slow crawl to the happy leader kart who stops everyone and keeps everyone moving to keep the tyres warm! I saw some crash into the tyre wall…owwwwwww I know how that felt! This one when I saw looked worse than my encounter! which ironically was the last time us four raced back in October 2008!

Anyway this last for 2 laps or 3??? (I wasn’t counting properly!)…After that setted off! & saw loads of karts spinning in front of me where I kept the cautious approach as the kart wouldn’t steer! Hence the moist track but then halfway through the session…it pourned down! I knew it was happening!…hence I keep the cautious style to make sure I did not spin out or hit the frikkin tyre wall who demands love since October! Due to this style…my lap times were consistent till lap 9 where I hit a 1:20:73 which showed…it was definitely tumbling and then seeing Gaz, overtook me! :(…then I saw Mark & Andi-Benny (unknowingly in Kart 13)…and I span!!!! I was like “you ruined my lap time Mark!!!” & then I had another attempt to go on the grass and span out again! This was evident in lap 13 as it was my worst lap excluding the yellow flag laps!- 1:31.42

Meanwhile during the lovable weather i was maintaining consistency but again the lap times were falling and I was like…damn…someone might catch up with me! Well Andi-Benny did and over took me! I was hoping that it would end and I would not crash into a tyre well! God forbid if I hit the tyre wall since October!

It was wet, miserable, dull, hatefull, kart’s spinning right in front of you and you’re like “craaaaapppp!!!”..When I spun out I got hit again! but it wasn’t painful compared to last time! I apparently took the kart tyre out! I remember Darren spinning out…that was fun!

So the checkered flag waved and I was like “yes!”…even though I didn’t win the race…but this wasn’t a race! This was time attack! So the results of time attack mattered! So what happened…I came out of the pits and saw everyone and just was like talk and laughed of the events on track even the guys couldn’t believe it! Then when Mark & Gaz came back to where we were all standing…they mentioned I won…….Mirza…winning…never…I thought it was a lie…but the board told the truth! My name spelt Mizra Bassir…(they can’t spell plus Bassir is my l8 grandad’s name!) was there on top! >1 min though? due to the weather so we were all wondering what was the others!

Colin (Andi-Benny’s father)-1:07.412
Andi Benny-1:15.002

Now irronically from me to Mark’s time were the best time from the 1st lap! Robert was lap 5, Andi-Benny lap 6 and Dough lap 11…so are we cheated by the weather? That’s a question to wonder?

However if it was a race then Gaz would have been standing on the 1st podium, Mark 2nd Podium & whoever was third in the 3rd Podium!…Andi Benny would had beat me though as he was 4th & I came 5th…I don’t know where the other came…oh wait Daz came 12th in the race…Overall it was kooly but of course I am as well as Mark…not a fan of wet tracks as it ruins it! You can’t achieve the top speed as you would on a dry track which I was aiming…but till next time! haha!

It makes me think…should I keep the “Bassir” as a luck as well? Why not? I am called Mirza Bassir at Buckmore from now on!

Special thanx to Darren’s Family who took pictures.


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