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Mark and Daz Head to Head 01/3/2010

Driver Name: Race Position Time Attack Position
Mark Holt 25 25
Darren Long 20 20

Time Attack:
Mark Holt – 53.358
Darren Long – 53.662

Race Position (Including non Weekendtoyz members):
Mark Holt – 1st
Darren Long – 3rd

Not the best start for Me as I had pit in on my first lap to re-adjust my seat but soon caught back up to finish 3rd out of 8. Finaly got the hang of hairpin two and now have a latter braking point on hairpin one. Generally when racing with Mark we are always at opposite ends of the track, however comming down the Esses who should i say to the left of me going for an overtake? Mark, and now it was on. From that moment on nothing else existed, I could only see Mark and the points on the track like apex’s etc that I would be hitting. The majority of my focus was on watching him, I could see the way he was steering, keeping the kart from gaining to much traction round the corners by constantly steering left and right. I could see his excact braking points, I could see the smoke poor from his rear tyres as he locked the wheels going into hairpin one. I was keeping up with him, all my techniques matched his and i was only 0.3 of a second behind, but he was just that bit more precise, that bit more refined. I could gain my way back up toward his bumper but then he would just leave me on a corner again. Then eventualy I span down at Paddock. I started to catch back up but then the race was over. I pulled in to the pits behind Mark who turned round and pointed at my left tyre which was now smoking. I think recently I have gained alot of experience on my overtakes, I used to hold back alot for slower drivers but now I will just get past them, I will even overtake them on the kerb if i have to. I think now I’m not looking at the Kart that I’m going to overtake, I’m looking at the gap that I’m going through. I still lost against Mark but what a great experience. (Darren Long)

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