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Karting – Weight Shifting


The 2nd publication in our training and advise, staying with the Karting theme this technique requires the use of your own body weight. When any four wheeled vehicle goes around a corner the wheels on the inside of the turn have less distance to travel, as they are following a tighter radius. In a car the differential allows the inside and outside wheels to travel at different speeds. Since a kart has a solid rear axle with no ability to compensate for this difference in distance travelled by the inside and outside rear wheels, the inside tire scrubs. When cornering try leaning to the outside of the corner to transfer more weight to the outside tyres. This will aid their traction and decrease the load on the inside tyres, allowing the kart to corner more efficiently. When exiting corners you should also try leaning back to enhance the traction of the rear tyres and hence your acceleration.

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