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All Disciplines of Motorsport – Changing Gear


Another publication for our Training and Advise blog, this time we are looking at changing gear…

Changing gear:
When changing up or down, avoiding any kind of shock loads through the transmission is essential, especially in a powerful car. When changing down, releasing the clutch rapidly can result in rapid forward weight transfers and in extreme cases, the driven wheels can lock. Use rev matching where possible to smooth out down changes, and release the clutch with mechanical sympathy in mind. When changing up, remember that a missed gear due to a rushed gear change is much worse than taking a little more care with the shifts. Never change gear mid-corner – when approaching a bend ensure you prepare by selecting a gear which will allow you to accelerate out.

Heel and Toe Gear Changes:







Heel and toe is the art of changing down a gear and rev matching while braking. By combining the braking and gear change when approaching a corner instead of performing them as two separate actions you’ll be faster in any driving discipline – an essential skill to master.

We are in third gear and are braking into a corner. Your toes should be pushing the brake pedal whilst your heel is above the accelerator. Clutch down and push your heel down slightly on the accelerator to build the revs up whilst you change down into second gear. Release the clutch and remove your heel from the accelerator. If you have got it right the gear change will
be very smooth as you have got the revs to the correct range for the speed you are doing.

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