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Beware of Toxins in Automobiles


Written by Brian Turner…

Whether as a little kid or an adult, you became passionate about automobiles. There are many types of cars out there, it is easily to love all the types. An example is tuner and racing cars with their cool slick look and there aerodynamics that make them seem fast. Although, one must be aware of the toxins in cars. That’s what your parents should have told you when you got your first car. But they were probably as unaware of it as most lawmakers were before the 1990s when they passed landmark legislation to outlaw so much asbestos in the manufacturing of cars. Asbestos exposure has been linked to mesothelioma in later life. It may not even show up for dozens of years. But when it does, it is very hard to treat, and almost always fatal. So how does asbestos get into your body from your car? That’s a good question. And it first it doesn’t seem like there’s an intuitive answer. The answer, however, is that brake pads,clutch pads, windshields, steering wheels, and hood linings, as well as virtually every other part of the car are full of asbestos, or were, until the 1990s when the chemical was outlawed in manufacturing.

But just because there is asbestos in the car parts, how do I get asbestos into my system?

The asbestos actually leaks out when hot weather causes the chemicals to come off of their attendant parts. Furthermore, people that work on their cars for long periods of time and are not fully protected inhale asbestos. They might be out in the garage 10 hours a day working on their car, and their son and daughter might get exposure too if they’re helping their dad fix their car.

Plus, there are a lot of other terrible chemicals in cars today besides just asbestos.

CNN recently did an article that listed the toxins in cars. This is no far-out theory that only a few people know about. This is now common knowledge, and it shouldn’t surprise consumers that yet another company, or an entire industry, is doing things that are harmful to peoples’ health or the environment.

The report that came out was called “Toxic At Any Speed”, and it was released by the Ecology Institute. That new car smell that you like and love so much when you first get a car is actually toxic benzene that is coming off of the car in the interior. If your baby or infant is inhaling it from the cozy space of their car seat, that can be a problem. Pets are another victim of this smell and parents can even get sick from it. The smaller the body is, the more toxic it is. Immune systems aren’t developed in babies yet, and the toxins can get into their system and cause problems. Watch out the next time you purchase a car, and make sure it is not on the Ecology Center’s list of worst offending cars. Some cars were better than others, but some cars had much higher levels of toxins.

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