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Performance Cars of the Stars


When you think of movies featuring high performance cars you may think Fast and the Furious or Gone in 60 Seconds. However here are a couple you may not remember…

Condorman 1981

In Condorman (1981) Michael Crawford played a comic book artist who successfully fends off hostile agents and earns the respect of the beautiful Natalia (Barbara Carrera), who requests his assistance for her defection. In one scene from the film Condorman is chased in his Nova Sterling kit car by a selection of black 911 Porsches and a flat nose 930 chase him through some mountain roads.


The Wraith 1986


In The Wraith (1986) Jamie is beaten to death by Packard and his gang but a mysterious power creates Jake Kesey played by Charlie Sheen, an extremely cool motor-biker who has a Dodge M4S  prototype sports coupe which is invincible. In fact, one scene where Rughead attaches the “digital radio killer” was shot with the original Dodge M4S prototype, the car that the Wraith props were made from. Jake befriends Jamie’s girlfriend Keri Johnson, takes Jamie’s sweet brother Bill under his wing and takes revenge on Packard and his gang in a series of races through the Arizona desert and explosions that lead to their deaths.

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