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Daz and Mark head to head 18 Dec 2011


What was meant to be a full on race soon became a friendly drift session between Darren an Mark at Buckmore Park today. The track was very damp  and on slick tires any serious racing is out of the question so instead the focus became who could seamlessly drift on and between each corner from Hairpin Two to Paddock Bend at the bottom of the hill.

Hairpin Two commonly has us in a slide let alone in the wet, especially if you stray over the tarmac change on the outside of the corner. So hairpin two was reasonable simple, bang the brake on entry, turn in and slide round only getting back on the power on the exit to take the kart up the straight sideways. Then by banging the brake on approach to the Esses and turning in extremely early we were able to slide the kart whilst still clipping the first apex, then mid way between the two corners that make up the Esses the kart suddenly grips throwing it in the other direction so your  facing into the 2nd corner of the Esses and down the hill. Again locking the rear wheels and turning in early to Symes Sweep followed by a mix of power and hard braking to lock the rear wheels  enabled us to continue the drifting all the way down the hill into Pullmans.  The slide through Pullmans left us approaching Paddock bend on the right hand side of the track  so when the kart regained grip it was a case of getting as far left as possible and initiating the next slide through Paddock bend and comming out the other side with 2 wheels on the curb.

It was great fun up until the point that you could no longer feel your fingers from the cold. Infact the cold took its toll on Mark so much that he even pitted in to warm his hands for a few moments before rejoining the race. Darren stayed on track but was suffering enough for his mind to wander off the racing and reduce pace for a few laps.

Lap times as follows:

Darren Long 1:10.221

Mark Holt 1:12.827


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