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Louise Cook Back From Monte Carlo


Local girl Louise cook is back after 5 days in the Production WRC Monte Carlo Rally, running part of the rally on a set of £45 tires from a local garage. She came 2nd with a lot of other drivers failing to finish and was congratulated on stage along with Sebastien Loeb. Her favorite cheer from the whole event was coming out of the Prince’s Palace and hearing “GO MAIDSTONE”.

Louise has been rallying since the age of 19, although she got her of driving when her late father, Robert Cook, bought her a battery powered car on her 6th birthday which she used to put her pet rabbit in the back of and drive round and round for hours until the battery went flat. Robert may have regretted this gift, after Louise wrote off the conservatory twice, two garden fences and took the front axle off it.

Louise has always managed to stay in the limelight in the local papers and appearing on the local news. She came up with a number of sponsorship campaigns, Promotion 50 and Promotion 500 where rather than having one big sponsor Louise was able to raise enough money for BRC / PWRC events by having a large number of sponsors each giving a small amount.

She certainly has her head screwed on and the hunger for success and we feel sure that she will go all the way and achieve her goal of becoming the first female world rally champion.

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