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Team Sport Crawley, Sunday 5th Feb 2012


A very interesting experience for all of us having never raced on an indoor circuit before. We had no real idea what the grip levels would be like on a wooden surface. Whilst it was very easy to lose traction an get sideways it was also very easy to control and on the downhill section of the three storey track you could powerslide the kart from the top level to the bottom building much more speed than on any of the flat or uphill sections. The biggest problem for us was that we take karting very seriously, however this was just a practice session, and as a result we could barely complete a lap for someone having spun out and inducing a yellow or red flag. This was frustrating as you knew you were about to complete a hot lap but then had to slow down and throw the hard work away for a yellow light. The marshalling was also quite inconsistent and a number of mistakes were made, at one point I found myself hurtling toward a marshal standing in the middle of the track helping a spun kart although the yellow lights had not been turned on! All in all it was a very good event, and well worth the money, just £33 for an hours worth of racing.

Lap Times:

Savage – 55.328

Sparky – 56.290

Gaz – 57.174

Daz – 57.556

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