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Lydden Hill 2nd Feb 2013



A great day was had back at Lydden Hill again for our second track day in the Mondeo Track Car. A fair bit of servicing and repair work had been done since the last event which payed off. The car felt so much more solid this time, slick tires offered excellent grip through both slow speed and high speed corners, however, forgetting that air expands we over inflated the tires and the front let tire bulged. So we had to change back to the road tire’s which to be fair worked very well especially in the high speed corners.


Faye, previous passenger of the car when it was used to run her to school years ago, was along for the ride. She said it was certainly a lot faster now than when she used to go to school in it and didn’t seem to even flinch when on the first session Darren put the car into a spin whilst trail braking into Pilgrims. This was by no means the scariest moment of the day, this was to come on the last session when a Toyota Supra span out into the gravel and back onto the track in front of Gareth, becoming so sure that he’d either hit the Supra or one of the many cars behind would hit, at the last moment Gareth let go of the wheel to place his hands on his torso and brace for impact, on stopping before hitting the Supra he was quickly back on the throttle and back in the race.

Darren Long – 54.459

Gareth Keeler – 54.549

Mark Holt – 56.198

See the video here…

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