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3 March 13 – Testing Session, Gaz, Mark and Daz



With the delivery of new karts at Buckmore Park we quickly set about a test session and managed to book the 3 of us in, a whole track to ourselves with no one to get in the way.

The new karts have a high bumper all the way around and a very smart looking chrome centre exhaust. They drove very well and handling was good. My only issue was grip on the steering wheel, I was using summer gloves and it was sliding through them, whilst my hands were still warm I could hold it to a certain extent but once my hands had frozen I just couldn’t grip hard enough.

Over the course of the session I made some changes to my lines, Hairpin 1 i was braking later and turning in later but still clipping the apex on the exit of the hairpin, hairpin 2 still proves tricky, you simply cant take the correct racing line as the tarmac after the tarmac change is very slippery and whilst fun, tends to lose you time in the form of sideways action, I’m pretty sure I was gaining a bit more speed though when I did manage to turn in as close the correct line as possible. Putting the kart sideways upon exit of Pullmans and then letting it snap to make the transmission into Paddock has always served me well, however I just kept losing grip over the steering wheel, perhaps a change of gloves will solve the issue. On Garda I could gain some time by not braking, I used to tap the brake on the tarmac change but instead I could now just lift off and balance throttle upon turning in and then back on the throttle and shift my body weight to aid acceleration.

Best lap times are as follows…

Gax 51.464

Mark 51.792

Daz 51.915

The fastest lap time s far, set on the session before ours was a 50.166 set by Andrew Hunt.

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