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Buckmore Park – 26th Feb / 9th March 2014


d_vs_g_ref_points (30)

Over these two separate days we have been testing out both the Go Pro Hero 2 and 3 at Buckmore Park. We have all been racing there for years but only now are we allowed to use video camera’s on our helmets as previously it would void their insurance policy.

26th Feb 2014 – Gareth Keeler

Best lap 51.150

A good session as natural light went from late afternoon sunshine to evening darkness.


9th March 2014 (morning) – Mark Holt / Gareth Keeler

MH Best Lap 51.954

GK Best Lap 51.711

Interesting using two camera’s at the same time, made for a good video.


9th March 2014 (evening) -Darren Long / Phil Moat

DL Best Lap 51.618

A good session, Darren finding it hard to stay consistent from not karting for some time, also accidentally pitted Phil on a corner.


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