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Thruxton May 2014 – Darren Long


photo 1

53.582 – Fastest Dry Lap

54.928 – Fastest Wet Lap

An interesting day at Thruxton, and I believe the first time I’ve been under race conditions as opposed to time attack which requires a real change to your racing style as you struggle to hold your position or better still gain places, whereas with time attack position is irrelevant and in some instances you want to distance yourself from traffic in either direction to enable you to set a hot lap with no karts in your way. We all pulled our karts up on the grid, lights would sequence red, off, red, green and off we went, the whole grid roughly 11 abreast into the first corner, and inevitably on some of the heats an incident soon followed. The start of the day was very wet and a particular 270 degree left hander was almost impossible, I could only enter at a very slow pace or try and slide into it getting the rear right tire to grip on the corrugated curb. As the day dried out we managed to get some much quicker laps, the quickest driver setting a 51.756. All in all a great day at a circuit ran at a similar standard to Buckmore, in fact the karts they use are the same as the old thunder karts from Buckmore, excellent power onto the longest straight which you emerge onto sideways as you straight line an S bend.

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