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Lydden Hill 13/06/15


bmw_vs_mondeoA third track day at Lydden Hill two years on from the previous. Gaz and Daz both armed with their road cars to see how they would behave on the track in comparison to the Mondeo in a single 20 min session.

The BMW pushing about 212bhp wasn’t bad performance wise, and the M Sport suspension was excellent however the run flat tires and the brakes were really not to be desired on the track. After less than 10 laps a black flag was given as the brakes could be smelt from the dummy grid. After a few minutes literally letting the smoke clear and allowing them to cool it was ready to hit the track again. The fastest lap was 56.557 on lap 7, roughly 2 seconds slower than the Mondeo in 2013.

Gaz was taking it very easy in the Astra, however on the straights the extra performance from recent modifications and the remap the day before was evident. The car now boasting 300bhp was pulling away fast setting its best lap on lap 3 at 55.656, still 1 second slower than the Mondeo!

I think we can now see what a success the Mondeo was, a car that had 130bhp standard in the 90’s leaving a modern BMW with M Sport equipment on it and some basic tuning by 2 seconds and an Astra developed by 888 racing and since tuned to 300bhp by 1 second. Additionally Daz and Gaz both now know that whilst race brakes are a pain on the road, they certainly are a must on the track. None the less a good day was had by all.

Vauxhall Astra 888 – Hot Lap

BMW 120D M Sport – Hot Lap

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