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Weekendtoyz Road and Race – Christmas Karting 12/12/15



Back to our home track Buckmore Park for the 2nd Weekendtoyz Road and Race event. Buckmore set aside a session for us to battle it out, 7 of our group along with 4 others as the session was opened up to the public.

A good session was had by all and the new karts are a definite improvement over the old ones, in fact they feel more like the Thunder Karts from years ago. We did however have some issues with the new screens not working too well and Phil had to swap his kart as the seat kept sliding back which makes it a little tricky to race, when you can no longer reach the pedals. Another mishap occurred near the end of the session with Laura making friends with a tire wall and to finish Gaz finding himself on the brink of a punch up with one of the others that had signed on to our session. All in all though it was a really good session and great having myself Mark and Gaz laying down some lap times together again.

1st Mark Holt 51.498
2nd Darren Long 51.770
3rd Gareth Keeler 51.888
4th Lewis Tonge 52.247
5th Barry Towner 52.335
6th Philip Moat 52.761
7th Laura Woodcock 56.127


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  1. Laura permalink
    13/12/2015 10:42 PM

    The tyre wall and I had a great chat. Shame really considering I hadnt actually crashed into it. Just couldn’t turn enough to avoid it after I had already spun off.

    The tyre wall and I were great friends. The marshals and I, however, are not!!

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