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RIP Mondeo, I Don’t Think So!


On 31st March 2016 after hearing a rumor through the grape vine, we officially announced on our Facebook page that the Mondeo had been crashed on a track day. This was of course sad news for us, leaving us reflecting on all the hard work that had gone into the car.
However, just less than a month later I received an email titled “RIP Mondeo, I Don’t Think So”, it turned out that the email was from the new owner, Jonathan, who had managed to track me down, he was completely unaware of any crash. It was even more refreshing to hear that he’s been very pleased with the car, had done a bit of work to it, its road legal again and goes for runs to the shops and work, furthermore it was booked onto a track day at Cadwell Park on 28/04/16…

 IMAG0040[5]The Mondeo with all the previous silver paint, wheels, spoiler and wing mirrors now sprayed black, tinted side repeaters and bonnet liftersIMAG0041[2]Mondeo still sporting our Weekendtoyz Racing Decals, brake calipers now painted redIMAG0042[2]Seats replaced and door handles recovered
DSC_0836Cadwell Park 28/04/16, Jonathan and his wife putting the car to the testDSC_1018Cadwell Park 28/04/16, Passenger door on the latch!

The car had completed a 150 mile journey there and 150 miles back with no issues. The only drama’s on track were an under tray flying off at about 95mph and being black flagged for accidentally leaving the passenger door on the latch. Other than that the car went very well, showing its strengths on braking and through the corners but fell behind on the straights to the faster cars on track.

We are all very glad the car is in good hands and being used for what we built it for. Good work Jonathan, fingers crossed for some more track action throughout the year.

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  1. Matt totney permalink
    07/07/2017 10:16 AM

    I now have the Mondeo an it’s still running great. Silverstone on just the 6th 2017

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