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Daz ‐ Race: Hire Karts, Mondeo, Steps to Success, Little Green Bass Machine, Stealth


I do much of the Admin and look after our website. I take part in the racing and am always willing to give it a go when it comes to building projects but stand out more for my cosmetic work like spraying or making interior parts. CAD designs are my bag and I’m a sucker for a bit of data. With noting more than a GPS lap timer and a Go Pro camera I’ll produce a kick ass video complete with speed, g‐force, track layout and a consistency graph to summarize.

Sparky ‐ Race: Hire Karts, Mondeo, Steps to Success, Graviton, Stealth


Mark is a racer and is also the most crucial out of the team when it comes to building and maintaining our
vehicles. He has many years electrical experience and has the confidence to have a go at anything. To Mark
building the cars is the best part! He is also a keen motorcyclist.

Gaz ‐ Race: Hire Karts, Mondeo, Graviton, Stealth


Gaz is PR gold, he handles our public relations and can talk anyone into anything, one minute you’ll be standing at Brands Hatch with other spectators, the next you’re in a golf buggy on your way into the pit lane holding VIP passes. He also manages much of the purchasing of the teams branded items, clothing, decals, etc. He’s always lent a hand when it comes to project building but more recently has excelled in the development of his current Astra 888.


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