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Listed here are Weekendtoyz features in the media spotlight

Kent Online


In January 2022, Weekendtoyz Racing had a reasonably sized feature in Kent Online as part of an article about the Aldington Soapbox Derby.

Fleet MPS

In 2017 Fleet MPS posted about our Mondeo track car that like a couple of our soapbox racers had once displayed their company logo. Fleet MPS sponsored us on a number of soapbox racing events to raise money for charity.

Kent Online


In 2015 KM posted an article including video footage from the Aldington Soapbox Derby. They also published photos of us on their Kent Messenger Photos site.

PVS 2014
In June 2014 Weekendtoyz Racing were entrusted by the Vauxhall Heritage Centre to drive Vauxhall Astra 888 #1 to the Performance Vauxhall Show at Santa Pod alongside many other 888 Astra’s on the Astra Owners Network stand. Magazine, Video footage and internet publications have since been realesed featuring the line up of 888’s and the day itself was a great success.

Total Off-Road Magazine
October 2013’s issue of Total Off-Road Magazine saw a feature of Chris Savage with his Suzuki Jimmy which even made the front cover. Chris worked alongside the Team for a number of soapbox racing events.

Folkestone Herald
In 2013 photo’s of us competing in the Aldington Soapbox Derby 2013 made their way onto the Folkestone Heralds website.

Star Your Car
In 2013 Darren’s Astra was featured on Star Your Car, the follow on page to Facebook sensation Star My Car.

Star My Car
In 2012 our track car and one of the street cars were featured on the then up and coming Facebook page which effectivly created an online car show.

Adhoc Films
In 2011 Weekendtoyz Racing were interviewed and had camera’s attached to their soapbox racers for the Aldington Soapbox Derby. The filming was to be made into a documentary about the event.

Tony Gilham – BTCC
In 2011 Weekendtoyz Racing displayed their logo on the sideskirts of Tony Gilhams BTCC BMW Touring Car for both Rockingham and Brands rounds of the BTCC. The logo was even reproduced for a downloadable version of Tonys car for a computer game.

Meridian Tonight
meridian_tonight copy
In 2009 Weekendtoyz were seen on Meridian Tonight who broadcast a news story about the Aldington Soapbox Derby 2009.

AltoDigital Newsletter
In 2009 Darren was featured in his company newsletter for Weekendtoyz debut race in the Aldington Soapbox Derby 2009.

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