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Weekendtoyz Road and Race – Christmas Karting 12/12/15



Back to our home track Buckmore Park for the 2nd Weekendtoyz Road and Race event. Buckmore set aside a session for us to battle it out, 7 of our group along with 4 others as the session was opened up to the public.

A good session was had by all and the new karts are a definite improvement over the old ones, in fact they feel more like the Thunder Karts from years ago. We did however have some issues with the new screens not working too well and Phil had to swap his kart as the seat kept sliding back which makes it a little tricky to race, when you can no longer reach the pedals. Another mishap occurred near the end of the session with Laura making friends with a tire wall and to finish Gaz finding himself on the brink of a punch up with one of the others that had signed on to our session. All in all though it was a really good session and great having myself Mark and Gaz laying down some lap times together again.

1st Mark Holt 51.498
2nd Darren Long 51.770
3rd Gareth Keeler 51.888
4th Lewis Tonge 52.247
5th Barry Towner 52.335
6th Philip Moat 52.761
7th Laura Woodcock 56.127


Dart Charge – Illegitimate Fines


Dartford Crossing users beware! Dart Charge could knowingly or unknowingly be sending out illegitimate fines to which without evidence such as receipts and detailed records of crossings you may not have a leg to stand on to fight the case. Take it from me that these cases can be immensely stressful. It’s possible that people are being issued illegitimate fines and paying them simply because they can’t remember themselves if they used the crossing on such a date.

I’ve been a user of the Dartford Crossing for 10 years and use it mainly for business. I’d heard many stories from acquaintances and the media since the introduction of the automated tolling system of fines being issued incorrectly, even fines being issued where a direct debit was in place and then not so long ago I had an incident myself whereby Dart Charge issued me two penalty charge notices. One for an outbound crossing and the other for the return crossing on the same day.

Luckily for business purposes I do keep detailed records and receipts for each crossing so I sent them the receipt and challenged the PCN. They then replied saying that my receipt was for a payment that had been reconciled to crossings made on a previous day. I checked the date and time of these crossings and found that I had been walking in central London that day, my car parked in a secure location and the keys upon my person. Furthermore the times of the crossing didn’t correlate with my usual behaviour, I use the crossing for work and would typically be a number of hours before making the return journey whereas the times Dart Charge stated were within 20 minutes of each other.

From this point on the case had to be fought via the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, independently run. This involved both myself and Dart Charge explaining the case and uploading our evidence. To anyone going through this process currently, stay calm, write detailed information thoroughly explaining your case and upload any evidence that will help prove your innocence, I was able to upload my schedule of the day in question.

Needless to say after some weeks Dart Charge were unable to supply any evidence and perhaps more surprisingly uploaded photos of my car with a date stamp from completely the wrong day. Finally after much of what could have been easily avoidable stress I received a notification from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal to say that the case had been dropped, no explanation was given as to why.

I then sent a written letter to Dart Charge in pursuit of an apology and to hopefully shed some light on the cause of the situation and to be reassured it wouldn’t happen again, after much chasing I finally received a pretty generic email whcih went no way to explaining what had happened or how it would be prevented in future. Thankfully after much more chasing I did receive quite a good written appology explaining how the situation had arisen.

I’m sure we can all appreciate that there are going to be teething issues with any new system but in my opinion if it’s obvious a system has issues you don’t issue fines to your customers until you are sure the issues have been resolved. I guess the advise I’d give to any Dartford Crossing useris to keep detailed records and receipts of each crossing.

Camera Safety in Motorsport



Hire Kart racers and Track Day enthusiasts take note, the following effects you as well as race licensed competitors.

MSA some time ago released a ruling or more a reminder of the rule “There must be no alteration to the structure of a helmet” which in effect stops the mounting of cameras such as Go Pro’s to a helmet. You can however still mount a camera on a shoulder harness but not a chest harness as could cause injury in a crash.

I was amazed to find that some of the top motorsport stores haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and started selling these shoulder harnesses yet, however they are readily available on the likes of Amazon.

Be aware that the harness must be designed for the camera that is being mounted to it, for example it must have the Go Pro mounting as part of its structure.

Its also worth noting that any existing stuck on camera mountings must be removed from a helmet, some of our team have been asked by marshalls at our local kart circuit to do so already. This can be tricky as 3M glue is very strong but can be achieved by heating them up with a hair dryer.

On a similar subject suction mounts can no longer be used inside or outside a vehicle, instead a fixed mount must be used. This is due to some coming lose during racing.

It can all seam a little annoying but at the end of the day without rulings like these we wouldnt have the safety that we have today in motorsport. We will be taking these rules seriously, I already have my harness on order, now I just need to try and get my old mount off.

For information specific to Buckmore Park, see the following link…

On a seperate note you can now sign up for email alerts of proposed new regulations on the MSA website. This gives members of the motorsport community the chance to have their say over the proposed regulations. To sign up for alerts, visit Please be aware that the automated email might go into your spam folder, in which case you may need to add it to your ‘safe senders’ list for the future.

Weekendtoyz Road and Race – Rolling Road Day – 26/09/15



Weekendtoyz Road and Race (subsidiary of Weekendtoyz Racing) attended their first group event, a rolling road day at Hayes Dynotech in Erith.

Collectively we produced 2162 bhp. Scott Talyor winning a trophy for highest percentage gain over standard horsepower at 89% with his fully forged Nissan 200sx and Nick Harwood winning a trophy for highest bhp with his Nissan Skyline R33 GTR boasting 361 bhp. A good day was had by all and some hidden issues were uncovered with some of the cars including the fact that the chip in Darren’s BMW is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

IMG_0005 copy


Name Make Model Standard BHP Estimated BHP Actual BHP Actual Torque BHP Gain Percentage Gain Over Standard
Gareth Keeler Vauxhall Astra mk4 coupe 888 188 270 282.7 303 94.7 50.37234043
Josh Dudley VW Shirroco TDI 170 200 204.2 316 34.2 20.11764706
Darren Long BMW 120D Coupe 174 210 173.1 300 -0.9 -0.517241379
Russ Talliss BMW M3 338 343 279.4 263 -58.6 -17.33727811
Nick Harwood Nissan Skyline R33 GTR 280 340 361.4 295 81.4 29.07142857
Andy Pemble Ford Focus RS mk1 212 290 309.4 345 97.4 45.94339623
Richard Greenway Ford Mondeo ST220 226 210 232 202 6 2.654867257
Scott Talyor Nissan 200SX 169 300 319.4 250 150.4 88.99408284

Aldington Soapbox Derby 2015


10458011_1000519236636083_3521525693244774241_nAfter some doubt finally the go ahead was given for Aldington. Already having a good entry with Stealth we decided to re-enter it again with no further modifications other than some rust treatment and removing some damaged decals.

We advertised the chassis of Graviton in the hope that it would be built to race again. Asa purchased the chassis for a small sum, all of which went to the charity. He then set about fitting front and rear wheels, a steering assembly, some mirrors and a Karate Kid paint job, aptly renamed karate skid.

One week prior to the soapbox derby I tied the knot with my now wife, Helen. A week in Disneyland on honeymoon to then return the evening before the derby and although soaking wet, it all went rather well. There was a smaller turnout of spectators but still many flocked to the village of Aldington despite the poor conditions. We were pleased to see Asa turn up with our old soapbox ready to be raced again. The rain died down and the racing began with an almost life sized colourful elephant racing down the hill against a scaled down Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. There was a good mix of both crowd pleasing and fast soapboxes.

I was to drive in our first race, and with the commentator announcing that my widow was half way down the hill I was off. Gaz push starting me to the best of his abilities on a very slippery track. The run went well, was smooth and managed to avoid any incidents. Gaz would take the wheel for the second run, unfortunately I couldn’t give him as good a push as he had given me which probably cost him a couple of seconds but none the less our combined times put us in 6th place. This put us into the six man knockout to which only four turned up. Gaz again took the wheel much to Helens relief. She’d only just gotten married and didn’t want to lose me yet. Luckily coming last in this meant we came fourth overall. So despite the weather it wasn’t a bad day at all.

GAZDAZKMWe had our photo taken by the Kent messenger who posted a story about the derby on their website.

The above video contains POV filming complete with telemetry data and footage of all other competitors



Lydden Hill 13/06/15


bmw_vs_mondeoA third track day at Lydden Hill two years on from the previous. Gaz and Daz both armed with their road cars to see how they would behave on the track in comparison to the Mondeo in a single 20 min session.

The BMW pushing about 212bhp wasn’t bad performance wise, and the M Sport suspension was excellent however the run flat tires and the brakes were really not to be desired on the track. After less than 10 laps a black flag was given as the brakes could be smelt from the dummy grid. After a few minutes literally letting the smoke clear and allowing them to cool it was ready to hit the track again. The fastest lap was 56.557 on lap 7, roughly 2 seconds slower than the Mondeo in 2013.

Gaz was taking it very easy in the Astra, however on the straights the extra performance from recent modifications and the remap the day before was evident. The car now boasting 300bhp was pulling away fast setting its best lap on lap 3 at 55.656, still 1 second slower than the Mondeo!

I think we can now see what a success the Mondeo was, a car that had 130bhp standard in the 90’s leaving a modern BMW with M Sport equipment on it and some basic tuning by 2 seconds and an Astra developed by 888 racing and since tuned to 300bhp by 1 second. Additionally Daz and Gaz both now know that whilst race brakes are a pain on the road, they certainly are a must on the track. None the less a good day was had by all.

Vauxhall Astra 888 – Hot Lap

BMW 120D M Sport – Hot Lap

Facebook Photo Album

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IMG_9765 copyIMG_9749IMG_9747_ (3)

Portfolio 2007 – 2015 (free download)



Click the below link to download our portfolio full of pictures and information of major events and vehicle builds.

Thruxton May 2014 – Darren Long


photo 1

53.582 – Fastest Dry Lap

54.928 – Fastest Wet Lap

An interesting day at Thruxton, and I believe the first time I’ve been under race conditions as opposed to time attack which requires a real change to your racing style as you struggle to hold your position or better still gain places, whereas with time attack position is irrelevant and in some instances you want to distance yourself from traffic in either direction to enable you to set a hot lap with no karts in your way. We all pulled our karts up on the grid, lights would sequence red, off, red, green and off we went, the whole grid roughly 11 abreast into the first corner, and inevitably on some of the heats an incident soon followed. The start of the day was very wet and a particular 270 degree left hander was almost impossible, I could only enter at a very slow pace or try and slide into it getting the rear right tire to grip on the corrugated curb. As the day dried out we managed to get some much quicker laps, the quickest driver setting a 51.756. All in all a great day at a circuit ran at a similar standard to Buckmore, in fact the karts they use are the same as the old thunder karts from Buckmore, excellent power onto the longest straight which you emerge onto sideways as you straight line an S bend.

Buckmore Park – 26th Feb / 9th March 2014


d_vs_g_ref_points (30)

Over these two separate days we have been testing out both the Go Pro Hero 2 and 3 at Buckmore Park. We have all been racing there for years but only now are we allowed to use video camera’s on our helmets as previously it would void their insurance policy.

26th Feb 2014 – Gareth Keeler

Best lap 51.150

A good session as natural light went from late afternoon sunshine to evening darkness.


9th March 2014 (morning) – Mark Holt / Gareth Keeler

MH Best Lap 51.954

GK Best Lap 51.711

Interesting using two camera’s at the same time, made for a good video.


9th March 2014 (evening) -Darren Long / Phil Moat

DL Best Lap 51.618

A good session, Darren finding it hard to stay consistent from not karting for some time, also accidentally pitted Phil on a corner.


Aldington Soapbox Derby 2013


After a 2 year wait its back! and this time we came with a whole new soapbox racer, yes its the Aldington Soapbox Derby. As usual the quaint little village of Aldington was packed out for the day with people from far and wide to witness the thrills and spills. This year would be our 4th at the event and we only ran one soapbox this time, Stealth, which is our latest creation formed of parts from The Graviton and Little Green Bass Machine based on the theme of a Stealth Fighter. Our stand took the the theme of an RAF air ground coinciding with our event video which compares the evolution of flight to the build and race of our soapbox. The kart done well, not as quick as Graviton but held its own at over 30mph, topping out at 35-36mph on the final straight. Mark took the wheel for the first race, Darren in the 2nd and 3rd (as his first run hadn’t been timed) and Gareth for the 6 man knockout. We won a trophy for coming 3rd out of the team event which we were secretly really pleased about. There weren’t to many spills, and for the few that did happen there were no major injuries or fatalities! We say a huge thank you to all who supported us and helped us raise £110 for charity, and an even bigger thankyou to the event organizers who make this possible, next derby… 2015… I feel sure we will be signing an entry form.


See our video at


Aldington, packed once more1185890_10201976031151659_1308767999_n

X Tractor makes its way through the smoke of Millie the Moth1240460_10201976022311438_1390847873_n

Mark races StealthTWSA20130826B_027_C soapbox

This shot of Darren being pushed by Dan and Gaz is from the Folkestone HeraldIMG_1648

Darren and MirzaIMG_1668

Being presented with our trophyIMG_1673

Proud owners of this trophyIMG_8368

Our RAF themed standIMG_8451

Mark gazes over his creationIMG_8525

Millie the Moth takes flightvlcsnap-2013-08-29-14h33m07s46

Snapshot from the video…