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Weekendtoyz Racing were a south east based group of amateur racers content with the thrill and passion of racing. Developing both their race and road vehicles in house, and frequently taking part in Karting, Track Day and Soapbox Derby events.

With their individual priorities now favouring family life this website now serves as an archive of the team’s achievements, but is still kept up to date with new content as and when the boys are allowed out of the house to play on the race track.

Darren Long (Daz) ‐ Race: Hire Karts, Mondeo, Steps to Success, Little Green Bass Machine, Stealth


Darren is not only a keen racer but also looked after the admin and the website. Always willing to give it his best shot when it came to building projects but definitely suited to the cosmetic work like spraying, interior parts or 3D / CAD designs. Not someone who is content with simply sitting down with a cold beer after a race, Darren has laptop on and is downloading the data from GPS lap timers and Go Pro’s.

Mark Holt (Sparky) ‐ Race: Hire Karts, Mondeo, Steps to Success, Graviton, Stealth


Mark is a serious racer, always setting the fastest laps on the kart circuit. More crucially, Mark built and maintained both our race and road vehicles. With many years electro-mechanical experience he has always had the confidence to have a go at anything and always succeeds. To Mark building the cars is the best part! Mark’s dream car is a Catherham 7, and he has rented so many of them that he may as well have just bought one by now!

Gareth Keeler (Gaz) ‐ Race: Hire Karts, Mondeo, Graviton, Stealth


Gaz is PR gold, he handled our public relations, talking anyone into anything, one minute we’d be standing at Brands Hatch with other spectators, the next we’re in a golf buggy on our way into the pit lane holding VIP passes. He managed much of the purchasing of the teams branded items, clothing, decals, and always lent a hand when it came to project building. Gaz really proved his abilities with the development of his Astra 888 and has worked in the British Touring Car Championship for a number of years. We’ve lost count of the amount of times we have seen him on TV, pretending he’s working hard in the pit lane, or in magazines!

racecars20072015Download our 2007 – 2015 portfolio, an exciting read full of photo’s and information from all the major events we have attended and vehicles we have built.

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