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Brands Hatch (Indy) 05/05/22


Considering this was my first track day in 6 years it still felt like my natural habitat and having gradually developed the Corsa VXR over the last 5 years, it was great to finally put it to the test, and I’m pleased to say that it performed really well, in fact it seemed as though it was a constant blue flag for the likes of M2’s, M3’s RS3’s, etc to move out of my way.

With the focus on handling, braking, and shedding weight, I’ve kept the engines power output conservative at 202bhp, 230ft lb, 20psi boost which provides great power across the rev range, great traction and acceleration.

Bilstein gas shocks, Bola wheels wider in both width and offset wrapped in a higher profile Continental rubber, a limited slip diff, chassis bracing and stiffened engine and gearbox mount, all work in harmony with one another to provide well dialled in handling.

Brembo 4 pots with Brembo / Courtenay disks and Brembo HP2000 pads at the front, combined with braided lines and high temp fluid all round provide good braking power.

Weight reduction has revolved around a fibreglass bonnet and a stripped out rear providing a good balance of weight. Being a road car, the stereo, carpets, etc have been retained for comfort.

On dropping into Paddock Hill I found that the front passenger side tyre was rubbing the wheel arch and cutting away rubber. I also found that despite running no dust covers at the front, both front and rear brakes were smoking after the session. So to combat this I will be rolling the front arches and fitting poly bushes all round. I’ve also designed some front brake ducts which are both bumper and control arm mounted to keep the front temperatures down. These have been produced in Carbon Fibre infused plastic and will be available to buy on our Shop. Combating heat at the rear may be as simple as removing the dust covers but I’m still undecided on the route to take currently.

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